1 Hour to a Better Landing Page

I’ve squeezed ten years of design experience, assisting iconic brands like Universal, Bumble, L’Oréal and GoDaddy, into a 12 page e-book for startup leaders just like you. It’s called ‘1 Hour to a Better Landing Page’. Get it for free, just pop your email below.

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I fucking love landing pages. So much so, that after seeing startup after startup fail to effectively communicate their vision to their customers, I decided I needed to help! So I wrote this book to help you, and your growing business make your landing page razor sharp.


Introduction - I run through the importance of landing pages to you, the busy founder, and your growing business.

Targeting Your Offering - Work out who is looking at your page, what they want, and how you can best help them.

Your Current Landing Page - We run through your landing page from top to bottom, finding where we can iterate.

Action Plan - We now know what your audience wants, it’s time to give it to them. We plan the changes you’ll make here.

Keep This in Mind - A few things to keep in your thoughts and you progress through improving your landing page.

What Now? - The action you need to take next.

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