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SYKE CO is the design practice of Jamie Syke.

I work with startups on their art direction and design, creating attention-grabbing, self-explanatory visuals and experiences. That's what I've been doing for over a decade now—working with internet companies on user journey, experience and product-market fit—using my focus on craft and attention to detail to design across brand, digital product and anything else that lands on a screen.

Over the years, I've had some great opportunities to do the thing I love: Design. Leading remote projects for companies like Facebook, Bumble, Google, Zoom and more clever businesses all over the globe. To put things in perspective, I've assisted on projects that have affected millions and made billions. Crazy right?

If you're an ambitious internet startup looking to stand out and lead the way with a dynamic and delightful design, get in touch. I'd love to talk about how we can get great results together.

Jamie Syke


· Web Design
· App Design
· Visual Identity
· Graphic Design

· Digital Design
· UI/UX design
· Animation
· 3D Design


"Superstar. Thank you for everything. Your work is AMAZING. Such a pleasure to work with you."

Brett Shanley · Founder · Knoma

"I love the work you've done, everything came together so nicely. Thank you so much!"

Whitney Wolfe · Founder · Bumble

"Jamie and his associates are the only designers I’ve found that are truly capable of building businesses that’ll make billions. Highly recommended!"

Stephan Tual · Former CCO · Ethereum



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