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Consistency & Cumulation

When you’re first getting started with sharing your work and content online you can suffer from not being consistent or end up giving up before you get to see the results of your actions take hold. Since I’ve been sharing everyday online, one of the things I’ve noticed is a big uptick in traffic and general activity on my content online. (Surprising I know). But I didn’t really “get it” until I saw the first bits of the results coming into place.

It’s exciting.

It’s funny how you can get stuck making excuses or overthinking about getting your work out there every day, and how it might be too difficult, but it’s only when you actually commit to doing it and find the triggers and rituals that you need to get yourself there and over the line each day, that you discover it’s easier than you thought.

It all just comes down to consistency, building up a positive habit is just showing up over and over and over… then once you start seeing results you can look back at what you’ve accumulated and accomplished, giving you the motivation to keep pushing on.

It’s really easy to give up too soon, or try and write off your goals as things that haven’t been, or cannot be, achieved. It becomes too difficult and the work piles up as you get further and further behind… you stop working on it and let it enter the graveyard of side projects.

Avoid this by committing to working on some small steps towards your goal every single day. By going all in in this manner, you commit yourself to action.

I share at least one article every single day (yes, even on weekends).

This is my action commitment I work on every day. I’m working this into the gaps in my day between my client work and other projects. Instead of going and watching a YouTube video or playing a game on my phone, I dictate or write things I’m thinking about or want to share. By chipping away at it over the course of the day, I make real progress and improve my skills with each rep. It’s just like in boxing, every punch you throw and practice makes you a better fighter.

Another benefit to sharing daily is that you’ll always know whether or not a day has been a success by if you’ve got that one core daily task completed.

For me this is getting something out there every day. If I don’t publish, I didn’t succeed in my day.

Making these kinds of commitments means that you can know what to be doing when your brain asks the question “what now?”.

This is all the more important when you work for yourself. When independent there’s no one that tell you to keep going or keep pushing like there is in a traditional day job when you’ve got a boss bugging you to get something done, or somebody chasing you to deliver the latest files. But, when you’re working for yourself, you have to make those decisions yourself.

By having something keeping you accountable on a daily basis, you commit to being consistent and constantly driving towards your goals. You gain control and actually become your own boss, because when you don’t get something done on a specific day you can say to yourself:

Okay, I don’t care about working towards what I want. I am not prioritising my own goals.

By having to say that to yourself you give the much needed discipline you would usually only get from having a “real” boss.

Find Your Superpowers

By getting the regularity and frequent cadence that working daily on something that pushes you towards your goals, you find the rituals and habits you need to take action on every single day to move towards what you really want. And when you do eventually build up that regular cadence that you need, you’ll be able to look back and see all of the work and fans you’ve cumulated as a result of your constant and continued work.

Just keep swimming.

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