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What Am I Supposed to Write?

This article was originally published on my newsletter.

Over the last year or so I’ve been trying to figure out what to say to best serve the people who I have reached. Somehow, through various projects I have built quite a solid list of people to launch my newsletter to. But in the time growing the list, I’ve learnt that writing to an audience is very difficult. Working out how you can relate to someone, or make them care, is super hard.

I’ve been thinking, and overthinking what to write for a very long time and I have finally found why.

A good friend of mine, Cassius Kiani, recommended the book “On Writing Well”, by William Zinsser to me recently and what a great recommendation it was. Reading it unearthed a shit load of information for me. About just how you can write in a manner humans actually understand. It’s the primer on communication that your English teacher didn’t bother providing you with.

What you write comes from you. It might seem simple, but unlike a project for someone else, where you create a solution for their audience - most of your writing is done to share your own internal monologue. Be it notes, an email, or even an article - you’re writing for your own ego. To share your thoughts and feelings with the world.

Most people try and sit down and write for someone else. It’s a big event. You put time in your calendar, build up to it and get ready to write... Nothing happens. Fuck.

Instead of going on this big rollercoaster of emotions, it’s important to get back to the root of things. Write what you care about, what you wanted to share. And stop overanalysing every verb and noun you put out there.

If it doesn’t work out. Delete it. No one will remember.

What have you worked on recently that you didn’t share? Reach out and let me know. We can talk about how to get your work out there in the wild.

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