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Fast, effective, one page websites for your growing business.

Elevate your startup with a beautiful, results-driven landing page - Define your big vision, and turn it into reality. I’ll take your brand and goals, and create a functional live landing page, in less than 14 days. Built for your users and easily editable, testable and expandable.

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Built with Webflow

A quick and flexible platform allowing us to design in production ready. It’s also super easy to keep up on the progress through own private link. Once we’ve launched, you can easily create new content, edit copy, and update images — all without breaking the fantastic design.

Time & Cost Effective

We’ll have it done and live, ready to launch in less than 14 days. Our fastest turnaround so far is four days. The current price for the Landing service is £3,000 + VAT.

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Who are you?

I’m Jamie Syke. A creative and serial founder with over a decade of skin in the game. I’ve had the pleasure of running two successful design studios - Brotherhood (2014-2018), and AVA (2018-Present), all while travelling the world and championing remote culture. My previous clients include Google, Bumble, Zoom and more amazing titans and startups all around the world.

Why are you doing this?

At present, I’m splitting my time between ensuring product success with my studio, AVA and allowing people to live their freelance dreams with Pyrismic, my startup. Because I work harder than anyone on this here planet earth, I also decided to start offering a single product offering too - I’m passionate about startup success and want to share my vast knowledge with a simple and affordable service, offering dope, responsive landing pages for innovators.

How does it help?

Stand out from the crowd with a correct representation of your startup. Your landing page is the first thing people will see, and I can cover the whole process with you. From UX and tone, through design and proofing, all the way to the finished build, ready to launch in Webflow. My experienced eye will make sure shit goes perfectly.

Why Webflow?

In a sentence: It makes it incredibly easy for all parties through a scalable, flexible platform that requires no coding knowledge from the person editing the content. So once we’ve designed and built it, it’ll be easy to sustain. After we’ve got you all set up, we’ll keep on top of your website for you, from just £40/mo.

Can you design a whole website, app, or product?

Hell yeah! However, you’ll need to get in touch through AVA, my product design studio. We’d be more than happy to assist you. This page is just for landing pages and that’s it!

What if I have more questions?

I’m more than happy to answer them. Email me on - pls no spam ty xo.

Not ready to invest in your landing page yet? Learn the secrets to improve on your own.

I’ve squeezed ten years of design experience, assisting iconic brands like Universal, Bumble, L’Oréal and GoDaddy, into a 12 page e-book for startup leaders just like you. It’s called ‘1 Hour to a Better Landing Page’. Get it for free, just pop your email down below.

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