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My Products

Other than selling landing pages, running AVA, and growing Pyrismic. I occasionally release a product to share knowledge. I'll keep a handy list of them here.

1 Hour to a Better Landing Page

I fucking love landing pages. So much so, that after seeing startup after startup fail to effectively communicate their vision to their customers, I decided I needed to help! So I wrote, “1 Hour to a Better Landing Page” to help you, and your growing business make your landing page razor sharp, so your users love it!

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Level Up Your Landing Page

Coming in February 2019, the bigger, better brother of the “1 Hour to a Better Landing Page” book. A hands-on, concise guide to perfecting and executing on your vision, and showing the best solutions for your users.

Growing Your Business?

Landing pages are a vital element in the growth of your company. They’re your first impression and should easily guide your potential user to action. Turn lost or confused users into paying customers, with fast, effective, one page websites for your growing business.

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