What on Earth I've been doing. An overview of all the projects I've founded, in reverse chronological order.


Coming 2019

A contemporary fashion house, more to be announced in 2019.

Members Only

2018 - Present

Members Only provides what I wished I had when I was coming up in the design world: a blueprint to work with top clients worldwide.

Member Only is a new age educational platform school with limited places, intended to help new designers find their path to revenue and financial freedom, and support experienced designers find the next level. Step up from struggling to pay the bills to having a six-figure income (and beyond).

Sounds interesting? Head over to the site to be the first to hear when we enter beta (places are limited).


2018 - Present

Founded with friend and partner in design crime James Routledge, and rising from the ashes of Brotherhood, my multi-award-winning studio, AVA redefined what a design studio should be in 2018. James and I combined our vast experience and knowledge to provide a highly refined offering to a specific demographic: Technology, media and culture.

Visit us.


2014 - 2018

A market-leading design studio, Brotherhood was founded alongside Fabio Basile and Cassius Kiani, and at one stage housed six of the world's greatest creative talents. Over the years the studio won many awards, making vast differences to a wide array of companies, people, and brands.

Brotherhood evolved into multiple companies including Fortnight, Fabio's new studio, Atlas Neue, Cassius' blockchain executive office, and AVA, my latest studio venture providing technology, media and culture brands the answers to their big product and innovation problems


2008 - Present

Theoretically, this one has been going since 1991, the year of my birth. But Syke, or Jamie Syke has offered design services since 2008 when I stopped playing World of Warcraft professionally at 17 to sell some design to Zynga, remember them? - Shout out Mafia Wars.

Since then, my personal brand has gone through many iterations and about 50 different logos. But now we have a Scorpion, good times. SYKE currently serves as the place I publish my content and keep people in the loop on what I'm up to.

Every two weeks, I share exclusive content with my audience.

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