I’m Jamie Syke. For over 10 years I’ve worked with iconic brands around the world to give their products an unfair advantage using art, psychology, and design. The results? Millions of happy users acquired. Billions of dollars in revenue.

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Hot off the press

How Travis Scott used aesthetics to help book his ticket into orbit with ASTROWORLD.

A look at art direction and it’s importance to albums and the music industry in 2018 and beyond.

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Daye, Facebook, Freeformers, L’Oreal, Reach Plc, Founder’s Factory, Slick.


Metalab, Google, Zoom, Visa, Jaguar, Land Rover, Sean Parker, Snap Inc.


InVision, Nutanix, Kello, Telenor, Badoo, Gasket, Osper, 16 Personalities.


Bumble, GoDaddy, Major Lazer, Pinecone, Roomi, Bear, Polydor, Docz, Warner Bros.


Porsche, Samsung, Warner Bros, Festicket, MadMimi, Feedly, Poolside.fm.


Fatsoma, Zynga, YunoJuno, Booking.com, Housing.com, Telcom, Appetize.